Sweat. Stretch & Support individuals with disabilities.

Hi! My name is Jerron.

Jerron Herman is a Dancer and Administrator primarily for Heidi Latsky Dance where he’s been a proud principal member since 2011. He was most recently profiled in Great Big Story - "Dancing Professionally with Cerebral Palsy". As a model, Jerron has shot a special campaign with Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive and Springible as well as an exploratory shoot for Nike Universal apparel. The New York Times has called him, "...the inexhaustible Mr. Herman."

As a dancer with Cerebral Palsy, I think Evolve 21 will be an interactive space where we can all express prowess and grow our intrinsic strengths in a fun, purposeful way.


Hi! I'm Jessy.

Hi I'm Jessy! I'm an actor, performance artist, and proud disability activist. As a performer, fitness has become a large part of my life. My body is my instrument for acting, so it has to be in tip-top shape. I began my wellness journey when I studied acting at NYU-Tisch School of the Arts. Having CP, I realized that in order to be able to adapt movement curriculum for abled-bodied actors, I needed to become an expert in my body. I found that my mind-body connection was the most helpful tool to optimize both my strength training and relaxation levels. CP causes my body to hold excess tension, so mindful and relaxing exercise helps me calm my tension and open up. In the fall, I will continue my acting training at Yale School of Drama, where I will take extensive advanced yoga, conditioning, and physical acting classes. I'm doing the Evolve21 challenge to condition my body for the intense physical road ahead!


Hi! My name is Barbara.

Barbara has a passion for guiding people toward reaching their fitness and wellness goals . She has is certified in Barre, Pilates, TRX and Health Coaching and has been and has been teaching exercise for the last 8 years. Barbara began her health and wellness career part time in 2006 while working full time on Wall Street. She retired from her Wall Street job in 2009 which provided her the opportunity to fully engage and realize the true importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She brings her vast Wall Street experience to Managed Fitness in both risk management and process re-engineering enables her design and develop unique all inclusive fitness programs that are safe, effective and measurable.


Hi! I'm Andrew.

Andrew Scheffer, aka The Wharton Monk, has the unique distinction of being a former Buddhist monk and a Wharton MBA. He has spent more than 10,000 hours in intensive, silent mindfulness training in monasteries and retreat centers throughout the world over more than 25 years, focusing on mindfulness, loving kindness and emotional intelligence. Andrew’s teaching approach is deeply grounded in the Mahasi mindfulness tradition, which when combined with his business experience, brings an authenticity and effectiveness to his curricula unlike any other program available. To ensure you realize the full mind, body and performance benefits of the program, Andrew provides additional resources for individuals with CP and their families.


Hi! My name is Isabelle.

Originally from France, Isabelle has been involved in several areas of fitness as a dancer, NIKE Women's Coach & Master Trainer, and competitive Cross Fit athlete on the French Invictus Team and coach at Bowery CrossFit in NYC.

Now living in the Big Apple, Isabelle hopes to continue to inspire people to achieve the fitness goals they have always dreamed regardless of physical abilities.


Hi! I'm Kyle.

Kyle Khachadurian is a 25-year-old nerd from New York City. He likes video games, movies, languages, heavy metal, and bad puns. He works in Brooklyn and lives in Queens. On the weekends he hosts a podcast called The Accessible Stall where he talks about disability related issues with his friend. He found the Cerebral Palsy Foundation through the disability grapevine and is excited to work with them on their projects.